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amateur illustrations

Pen and Ink Illustrations
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Do you make drawings?

Cartoons, doodles, comic strips, superhero flash, sketches, thumbnails, studies, renderings, etc?

Even hard-edged charcoals and watercolors will be accepted.

Computer images that look like hand-made, also good.

All it has to be is on paper and black and white. Okay, it can even have color, as long as there is also black ink. Do you make animated movies of such doodles? Bring em on!

The important detail is that it be a drawing, an illustration, a sketch; IE not a painting, not a finished work, not a photo or print, etc.

Some things might be deleted, but probably not if they're pretty. Or cool. But definitely if they're raunchy. Let's keep it PG-13 up in here!

This is not a voting community. Comments are welcome but not required. If you make old style illustrations and want to share, put them here. It's that simple.

And remember, these must be YOUR drawings. No swipes off the internet or interesting things you like, but actual works made and owned by you. They can be "in the style of" or "inspired by" whatever, but we know inkers are much more than tracers, don't we? Kevin Smith is not in charge here!